Intellical 디지털 실외용 ORP 전극, 5m 케이블

제품 번호: MTC10105
KRW 가격: Hach에 문의

Laboratory and field probes for use with HQD meters.

Intellical MTC101 is a digital combination oxidation reduction potential (ORP/RedOx) electrode with built-in temperature sensor. MTC101 has low maintenance needs thanks to a non-refillable gel-filled single open reference junction. This Rugged MTC101 version is built with a stainless steel body ensuring sufficient weight to the probe for an easy outside handling, the Metal Platinum sensing part is protected by a shroud, and the connection is ensured by strong and visible yellow coloured cable onto which you can clip depth markers (optional accessories), making the MTC101 rugged models specially designed for field use. MTC101 Rugged is available with a 5, 10, 15, or 30 meters cable. The MTC101 Rugged is ideal for measuring ORP/RedOx absolute mV values in all types of external environment such as river, surface and ground waters, ponds, lakes, sea, wastewater plant, source water, drinking water reservoir for water quality, environmental and treatment process purposes.

  • Intellical Rugged digital probes can reliably test in the harshest environmental conditions
  • Ultimate traceability in measurement history
  • User alerted when re-calibration is needed
  • Can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings
  • 러기드형(Rugged) 실외용 전극은 5m, 10m, 15m 또는 30m 케이블과 함께 제공