HQ40d Meter, PHC101 Rugged pH Probe with 5 meter cable and LDO101 Rugged LDO Probe with 5 meter cable

제품 번호: HQ40D53115315
KRW 가격: Hach에 문의

Rugged portable meters for use in the field and plant.

Plug and Play IntelliCAL™ probes measure pH, conductivity, LDO, and more. Measure two different parameters at once. Transfer GLP/ISO data effortlessly to PC or flash stick-transfer entire datalog, or individual readings-500-point data log.

  • A single meter measures pH, Conductivity, and LDO®
  • Dual display of two different parameters/probes!
  • View information from two probes on one screen (up to two parameters)
  • Quick and easy swapping of parameter/probe without re-calibration
  • Password-protected data for accurate, tamper proof reporting