QBD1200 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

QBD1200 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
제품 번호: 9450000
KRW 가격: Hach에 문의

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Stop throwing away your first replicate. The QBD1200 has 95% less carryover. Inconsistent results? Trust 2% standard deviation at 50 mg/L and 3% at 100 µg/L.

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Stop wasting money. Save 60% of your reagent costs. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance. Enjoy annual service vs. monthly.

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Stop wasting all day calibrating. Only 90 minutes for a calibration routine.


과부하 복구: 1 Measurement
교정 간격: 1 year; time to calibrate 90 minutes
교정 방법: Automated Routine: 18 Point Calibration Using KHP (6 Concentrations, 3 Replicates Each)
데이터 내보내기: PDF, CSV
디스플레이 유형: 10.4 inch high-res colour touch screen
무기 탄소 취급: No extra Inorgainc Carbon Removal Module needed
범위: 0.4 ppb - 100 ppm
산화 방법: UV lamp + Hot Persulfate
시료 간 캐리오버: <0.2%
시료 균질성: Available with Autosampler
운반 기체 옵션: CO₂ free Air, O₂, or N₂
입자 크기: 까지 100 µm
전력 요구 사항(Hz): 47 - 63 Hz
전력 요구 사항(전압): 100/240 VAC
정밀도: 3% or 3ppb, whichever is greater
정확도: ± 2 %
준수 인증: ISO 8245 and DIN EN 1484; USP <643> (including sterile water SST), JP-16 <2.59>, EP <2.2.44>, IP, CP, KP, US EPA 415.3 and Standard Method 5310c
치수(H x W x D): 410 mm x 320 mm x 507 mm