EZ7701 Total Nitrogen Analyser, 1 stream, Modbus RS485

EZ7701 Total Nitrogen Analyser, 1 stream, Modbus RS485
제품 번호: EZ7701.990B1C02
KRW 가격: Hach에 문의


Demineralised water: For rinsing purposes
간섭: Antimony (III), Bismuth (III), Chloroplatinate, Gold (III), Iron (III), Lead (II), Mercury (II), Metavanadate, and Silver (I) can precipitate with Nitrate. The presence of Copper (II) may decompose the diazonium salt which results in a low result. Strong oxidising agents. NCl₃ results in a false red colour. Large amounts of colour and turbidity interfere. Fats, oil, proteins, surfactants and tar.
검출 하한(LOD): ≤ 200 µg/L
경보: 1 x malfunctioning, 4 x user-configurable, max. 24 VDC/0.5 A, potential free contacts
계측용 공기: Dry and oil free according to ISA-S7.0.01-1996 quality standard for instrument air
교정: Automatic, 2-point; frequency freely programmable
냉각수: Flow rate approx. 5 L/h; temperature max. 30 °C; pressure max. 0.5 bar
디지털 출력: Modbus RS485
무게: 25 kg
배수: Atmospheric pressure, vented, min. Ø 64 mm
범위: 0 - 5 mg/L TN
보증: 2 years
보호 등급: Analyser cabinet: IP55 / Panel PC: IP65
사이클 타임: 30 min including digestion of 10 min (standard)
시료 스트림 수: 1 stream
시료 압력: By external overflow vessel
시료 온도: 10 - 30 °C
시료 유속: 100 - 300 mL/min
시료 품질: Maximum particle size 100 µm, < 0.1 g/L; Turbidity < 50 NTU
시약 요구 사항: Keep between 10 - 30 °C
유효성 검사: Automatic; frequency freely programmable
인증: CE compliant / UL certified
재료: Hinged part: Thermoform ABS, door: plexiglass
Wall section: Galvanised steel, powder coated
전력: 110 VAC, 2 A, 60 Hz
Max. power consumption: 150 VA
접지: Dry and clean earth pole with low impedance (< 1 Ohm) using an earth cable of > 2.5 mm²
정밀도: Better than 4% full scale range for standard test solutions
주위 온도: 10 - 30 °C, ± 4 °C deviation at 5 - 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
출력: Modbus RS485

Active 4 - 20 mA max. 500 Ohm load, 1 to 8 outputs
RS232, Modbus TCP/IP
측정 방법: Colorimetric measurement at 546 nm using hydrazine reduction and NEDD colour solution after persulphate digestion in alkaline medium, conform with APHA 4500-N
치수(H x W x D): 690 mm x 465 mm x 330 mm
항목: Nitrogen, total