EZ7122 Total Carbon (TC) Analyser, 1 stream, Modbus RS485

제품 번호: EZ7122.990B1C02
KRW 가격: Hach에 문의

Online, automatic TOC or TC monitoring for wastewater and surface water applications

Proprietary discontinuous analysis
The EZ7100 Series are designed to run a discontinuous analysis on Total Organic Carbon or Total Carbon levels, reducing significantly reagent consumption but also overall maintenance costs. Additionally a rinsing or cleaning cycle can be introduced to eliminate cross-contamination and fouling.
Smart features and reduced calibration intervals
In the controller-database software, all necessary smart automatic features are already embedded: auto-calibration, auto-validation, auto-cleaning and auto-priming. In order to assure optimal analytical performance, it is recommended to calibrate the EZ7100 Series monthly or quarterly simply by starting the calibration sequence via the panel PC.
The mainframe of the EZ 7100 Series is a compact and straightforward design running a hot UV/persulphate destruction for determination of organic purity in various water applications, with the following distinctive features:
- Options for TOC or TC analysis
- Discontinuous analysis with programmable frequency
- Smart automatic features
- Control and communication via industrial panel PC
- Standard 4 - 20 mA signal output with alarm processing
- Communication ports supporting connectivity to Modbus
- Multiple stream analysis

There are many additional options available. Please contact Hach for more details.